Terminator Salvation - Skynet UI

Feb & Mar '09

Asylum VFX brought me in to help develop the graphic language for the Skynet sequences in the feature film Terminator Salvation.

I was brought on towards the end of post-production, so there was little time for design/animation versions. This provided good motivation to nail the designs the first time around and animate them in a smart, efficient way. The project was extremely fast-paced with a high amount of deliverables despite a small, but incredibly talented team. I worked in the penthouse suite alongside creative director Justin Blampied, vfx supervisor/lead flame artist Tim Davies and lead 3d artist Michael Shelton for about 2 months. It was an awesome experience to work on a feature film and see the other visual effects sequences come together right before the movie released.


Terminator Salvation - Skynet UI Graphics Montage -71 MBs

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