ASUS - Republic of Gamers

Nov & Dec '10

Deep inside an undisclosed testing facility, a laptop's inner beast is awakened in this spot for ASUS.

Despite an ambitious concept coupled with a tight timeline, a small and dedicated team came together to bring to life the visuals and story in Nick Losq's director's treatment. The project was fortunate to shoot on a set that felt straight out of Aliens and was a blast to photograph. I handled the on-set photography & filmed light elements during the two day shoot. I also built out the cg laptop room, photographed the laptop for 3d texturing and oversaw the design and animation of the heads up display graphics for the beast. This debut piece for Black Swan wouldn't have been possible without the exceptional hard work of everyone involved.


ASUS - Republic of Gamers ... :58 ... 53MBs

ASUS - Light Elements ... 1:00 ... 56MBs

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