Xfinity - Anthem

Aug - Oct '09

To launch Comcast's Xfinity service, the brief essentially sought to invent/reinvent/create from scratch a never before seen world inside the internet. Easier said than done.

The treatment from live-action director Peter Thwaites opens on quiet neighborhood at night as tvs, phones and computers are reprogramming and upgrading to the new network. The viewer then dives into a world of infinite high speed light beams with human sensorial memories, sensations and images flashing by.

To achieve this type of world, it didn't take long to see that custom code apps were the way forward. The goal was to build off the technical milestone from a previous project of 3d camera matching (from Maya or other 3d program) in a custom code app environment along with the sheer data detail and complexity that's possible with raw coding horsepower to illustrate the world behind the internet.

The brilliant code minds of Josh Nimoy and Keith Pasko were put to quick use on a range of app concepts that evolved into systems to accommodate its end users' (myself and Gmunk) requests for a host of fine tuned slider controls, checkboxes and image sequence render capabilities. As with all new experimental processes that haven't been fully tried and tested, this project was no exception with its numerous custom built code apps. Unfortunately, it was still under the typical deadline, layers of agency/client feedback, and multiple version constraints that can ofttimes hinder greatness in the world of commercial production.

Little did I know (at the time) that the building blocks and lessons learned from this project would come back to help immensely on the creation of multiple animated graphics sequences in my work on TRON: Legacy.


Comcast Xfinity ... 1:00 ... 71MBs

Comcast- Xfinity Making Of ... 1:08 ... 73MBs

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