HP - Shaun White


Master boarder Shaun White kicks off the enduring HP "Hands" campaign with his signature laid back style and humor. Dude is seriously living the dream.

Since this was the first attempt at the "capture it all in one take" concept with tightly choreographed hand movements, a lot of r&d had to go down. There was a lot of initial brainstorming and motion tests to see what worked best and felt most natural.

Motion Theory's Mark Kudsi and I worked in close tandem on this project and enjoyed meeting Shaun at the shoot as he tore up the hand choreography just like he does a halfpipe. One of my favorite projects during my time at Motion Theory hands down. And you gotta love the Motion Theory people (including me) hanging out on his MySpace page.


HP - Shaun White ... 1:00 ... 18MBs

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