Gatorade - Inside Sidney


Visualize a journey through the mind and body of Canadian hockey superstar Sidney Crosby as he gears up for a game winning goal.

That was the challenge Motion Theory received from Downtown Partners - Toronto for this epicly ambitious Gatorade ad. I worked on this spot for several months with an extremely talented team.

My contributions were to help design and develop the firing nerve synapses that function as display screens, the green tubes of Gatorade flowing through Sidneys' body and the multiple rooms that quickly pass by as the camera pans down the body's interior. The shot with the waddling penguins, x-ray scan of Sidney's body and background bubbles that form his face was my baby for a large part of the project.

In the engine room shots, I integrated additional pipes, steam throughout, blue bursts of fire, and a host of additional 3d elements. To top it off, I worked on the environment build of the final bottle shot. I couldn't help but learn a lot on this vfx and comp heavy spot.


Gatorade - Inside Sidney ... :60 ... 30MBs

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