Nike BrandJordan - Agent D3

Oct '10 - Jan '11

Soon after a visit to Animal Logic's office in Sydney, an opportunity arose to work with their L.A. (Santa Monica) office on a triple spot campaign featuring Dwyane Wade for Nike's BrandJordan.

As LeBron ponders his move to Miami, Dwyane Wade a.k.a. Agent D3 gets his James Bond on in this action-packed and comic three-spot campaign for Nike's Brand Jordan through Weiden + Kennedy New York with visual effects and post production led by Animal Logic.

I was tasked with the overall design and animation of the visor, the tablet and hologram graphics in the three spots. Matt Winkel, EP of BlackSwan, lent invaluable producer support throughout the entire project. Chris Clyne, Nick Losq & Christina Lee played integral 3d roles on the "Gadgets" spot.


Nike BrandJordan - The Start ... 1:00 ... 54MBs

Nike BrandJordan - Escape ... 1:00 ... 53MBs

Tablet GFX Synced to VO for Escape Spot ... :13 ... 13MBs

Nike BrandJordan - Gadgets ... :30 ... 26MBs

Gadgets Shoe Holographics ... :31 ... 23MBs

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